Full Body Orgasm Demo

What you're seeing here is Risa Murakami just went through 3 hour of orgasms, with just a couple of mins rest in between 4 guys.

The guy continues to build up her sexual highs as she explodes from one to another. Keep watching the video until he slows and stops - Risa's body will go into a beautiful convulsions that highlights the possibility of such intense sexual energy for women if done properly.

This also highlights penis size does not matter to the level of pleasure you can give a woman if used properly to bulid up energy in the non-physical realms.

Risa Murakami's consciousness may have been transported to a world not of this earth after this extended period of pure blisss. No arguements here, women wins in the pleasure department.

After this series of explosions, she continues on for another hour of non-stop peaking, after she just had another 3 hours of peaking.

2mins 12secs

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Inexhaustible YIN

If they choose to continue, the waters will most likely continue to flow in an expression of the inexhaustible YIN. Making love afterwards is incredibly sacred and quite different in its expression then regular intercourse. It is much easier to access ‘higher orgasm’ in this state. Higher orgasm involves valley orgasms which never really peak and/or multi-orgasms, both or their combination can lead to higher and higher orgasms with intermittent periods of stillness and expansion.

Divine Feminine essence that lives in all beings

The journey into the ancient art of ambrosia activation is precious and deeply healing not only for the couple, but also for the Divine Feminine essence that lives in all beings. Activating the 3 gates in this sequence is only one of many, many ways to call forth the sacred waters and “If we are having fun having sex, we’re doing it right”. (Dr. Pega Ren, www.drpegaren.com). Once the gates have been activated and understood by the woman, she can then access her sacred waters whenever she desires. The more practice she has, the more she will be able to let her succulence fill her. She will be able to expand her erotic fingerprint or potential to beyond-sex experiences where a sunset, a smell, etc could activate her juices to flow. Each gate can be opened in sequence or individually there are no rules only guidelines. One hormone often stimulates another to be released and then there is a chain reaction. This is why the Taoists recommend opening the first gate, then the 2nd and 3rd gates.

Woman's Innate Estasy Is In All Women

This sequence also lends to support the woman to open up to her innate ecstasy. Many believe that women cannot ejaculate and in essence they cannot ejaculate semen (like a man), but they can and do have their own sexual fluids, which can be released out of the body through arousal and orgasm. Ejaculation is an attribute of both the man and the woman. All the old dogma and stigma around sexual expression needs to be looked at with new eyes and a new paradigm needs to be created where all expressions, ejaculation and non-ejaculation, are embraced. Thankfully what remains to be uncovered is the ‘art of be-ing’. Slowing down, living in the NOW and extending orgasm into the infinite bliss of timelessness.

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